Qual é a diferença entre fios de cobre e fios de alumínio?


Specific color: The color of the copper wire is purple, […]

Specific color: The color of the copper wire is purple, and the color of the aluminum wire is grayish white.

Specific resistance: The resistance of copper wire is smaller than that of aluminum, and the conductivity of copper wire is better.

Specific density: The density of copper wire is greater than the density of aluminum wire, and the copper wire is heavier.

Specific resistivity: The resistance of the copper wire is small, and the resistivity of the copper wire cable is about 1.68 times lower than that of the aluminum wire cable. Therefore, the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of the copper wire are better than those of the aluminum wire, and the electrical loss is relatively low.

Specific load power: copper wire and aluminum wire of the same cross-sectional area, the load power of the copper wire is greater than that of the aluminum wire.

Specific stability: The aluminum wire is very easy to oxidize, which makes the electrical resistance large, reduces the wire load, increases the temperature, and has poor contact, which is prone to safety problems. The stability of the copper wire is excellent.

Specific flexibility: The copper wire is more flexible, easy to bend and resistant to fatigue. The aluminum wire is relatively easy to break when bent. Therefore, copper wire will be more convenient in construction.

Specific price: copper rod is 3.5 times the price of aluminum rod, and the proportion of copper is 3.3 times that of aluminum. Therefore, aluminum wire cable is much cheaper than copper wire cable, suitable for low-cost projects or temporary electricity; aluminum wire cable The weight is 40% of the copper wire cable, and the construction transportation cost is low.

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