Como resolver o problema da cabeça Multi-wire do fio esmaltado


Because the enameled wire production machines are singl […]

Because the enameled wire production machines are single-ended release, single-ended take-up, there is no multi-wire head.In fact, most of the "multi-wire heads" come from the user-electronics factory. During the wiring process, the transformer skeleton should be changed every few minutes. When the machine stops, the tension control of some machines is not in place. Because of inertia, the upper coil collapses, and the lower coil is pressed. When the machine starts again, the coil is pressed, which leads to the break. It formed the initial chaotic line.

After breaking the wire, it can not be used normally, so it is necessary to remove the spool from the winding machine. Of course, it can continue to be used. However, in the process of dealing with chaotic lines, accidentally breaking a thread becomes three heads, breaking two wires becomes five heads... In this way, the axis can not be processed, from the process back to the warehouse, warehouse in the name of multi-wire head back to the production plant. This is the process of "multi-thread" generation and return. In fact, multi-thread head is easy to handle: use sharp blades to pick up several loops of thread, grab the broken thread and pull up. Until a head appears.

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